Peer Review Process

The type of peer-review performed on submitted manuscripts by Nanochemistry Research (NCR) is called double-blind. Under double-blind peer-review, the identity of the authors and the reviewers of the manuscript under consideration will not be disclosed to each other to increase the objectivity of the process. A general scheme of the peer review process is depicted in the below diagram. After the receipt of a new manuscript, the manuscript will go through a quick initial screening by the Editor in Chief to verify that it is in accordance with the journal’s scope, editorial policies and style guidelines for authors. If it passes this initial screening, the manuscript will then be forwarded to three reviewers with relevant academic background and research expertise. The reviewers will inform the Editor in Chief of their opinion about the scientific value and quality of the manuscript under review. A decision based on the evaluations will be made. Manuscripts rejected at this step will not be reviewed again. If the reviewers suggest revisions or raise issues about the scientific value and content of the material in the manuscript, the authors will be asked to address the issues and make the required changes.  Revised manuscripts will be reviewed again to see if the revisions are satisfactory. This cycle continues until final acceptance or rejection.