Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2023, Pages 231-305 

Research Paper

Adsorption Study of Methylene Blue onto Power Activated Carbon Prepared from Ananas Comosus Peels

Pages 231-242


Nasiru Pindiga Yahaya; Ibrahim Ali; Kolo Alhaji Modu; Shehu Adamu

Extraction, Characterization and Epoxidation of Cotton Seed Oil

Pages 252-257


Abdullahi Abdullahi Muhammad; Fai Yirankinyuki Frederick; Chiroma Bello Muhammad

Aqueous Synthesis of Sub-11 nm Fe-Cu Oxides and Alloy Nanostructures: Structural and Morphological studies

Pages 287-298


Raquel Zuñiga-Lechuga; Alfredo Rafael Vilchis-Nestor; Raúl Alberto Morales-Luckie; Victor Sanchez-Mendieta